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Access and Manage Leads from Anywhere.
Welcome to LeadsLightning,
Bartizan's web destination for simple fast data tracking, management and reporting for trade, corporate and consumer shows and events.
Tracking your Attendees
Track the attendees who stopped by booth. View, sort, print and download leads. Identify best leads by filtering leads and sending only the best leads to sales.
Show Organizers
Selling More Space
Sell more space by showing prospective exhibitors historical data. Generate lead analysis reports to evaluate ROI and enhance presentations to prospective exhibitors. Traffic flow reports show what time the show floor is busiest.
Attendees Following up
Attendees can follow up on exhibitors by email. My Tradeshow Connections lets attendees view and download the company information of exhibitors they visited.
Registration Contractors
Tracking Results
Provide your clients – show organizers and exhibitors – with profit producing data.